Letter from Indonesia

I read with disgust the interview of the Ambassador of the russian federation to the Republic of Indonesia to the «RIA Novosti» publication, partially reprinted by the Indonesian «Viva»

Despite the long-established strong immunity to the cynical lies that have been spread by russian propaganda for years, I read with amazement that «… the Indonesian public really widely supports the special military operation that Russia is conducting in Ukraine and approves the policy of russian president putin …». I wonder where is this «public» supporting full-scale military aggression and crimes against humanity? I have not seen it in Indonesia. It seems that it exists only in the morbid imagination of the russian ambassador.

The assertion was also extremely provocative that «the approving reaction (of the Indonesian people) is caused by the participation in the special operation in Ukraine of russian muslim military personnel, including those from the Chechen Republic…». The russian Ambassador bravura boasts that her government is sending Muslims to an unrighteous war, in which they, being aggressors on the territory of another sovereign state, kill women and children, kill brothers in faith – Ukrainian Muslims. The face of russian fascism in all its glory.

It seems that the russian Ambassador is frankly trying to somehow justify the criminal aggression of her government by «support» of the Indonesian public, shifting to it part of the responsibility for the invasion of sovereign Ukraine and the war crimes committed, condemning by the whole world.

I wonder what the general public in Indonesia and Indonesian Muslims will say?

Oleh Karatsupko, temporary residing on Bali

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